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We are Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers and Members of The Institution of Engineers Australia with more than 25 years experience in Construction Industry. We possess a broad range of skills and experience to ensure we formulate solutions on design board and site as well finding optimum solution on Structural and Civil design and drafting service to do job on budget and meeting project deadline.

For our Structural design we are using latest computer technology, Structural Engineering Software -Space Gass and Strand7.We completed number of Structural and Civil design projects of Residential, Commercial and Industrial Buildings Structure.

BRP Engineering is professional Structural and Civil Engineering firm specializing in the design stormwater
management system for all types of developments, drainage design infrastructure and remedial work including solution for water problem effecting your building structure.

BRP Engineering
BRP Engineering

Design Work

Structural design, consultancy, inspection and certification for council approval.

Construction Work

Slabs, footings, driveways, retaining walls, steel structure, columns, beams.

BRP Engineering


Walls removals, openings between rooms, kitchen and room, underpinnings.

BRP Engineering


We’re highly qualified, certified and accredited.

Why Choose Us

BRP Engineering

We examine each of our projects individually to address and comply with statutory and regulatory obligations, community environmental standards and our clients’ expectations.

We are small Structural and Civil Engineers Consultancy and we have in such competitive market very competitive rates for structural design and drawings production.
We aim to make the engineering consultation process as seamless as possible and are proud to have a team that is passionate and strives for excellence in all they do.

We make your business as a our business, and are constantly pushing to update and implement cost effective and efficient solutions to get the best results for your project.

Please have a look next pages for completed jobs working for different clients and companies. This is only small parts of my professional experience.

Why Choose Us?

BRP Engineering
BRP Engineering

Residential, Commercial and Multi-Storey Building

BRP Engineering

Structural and Civil Design for Council Approval

BRP Engineering

Working Alongside Expert Architects

BRP Engineering

Site Inspections, Reports and Certifications

Ethically Responsible

BRP Engineering

We understand the responsibility on our shoulders for every job and the far-reaching effects that our decisions can have.

BRP Engineering using latest intelligent technology in our Structural and Civil design to provide the best solution for client regarding quality job and money.

We provide solutions and guidance that adhere to a strict level of accountability and moral responsibility. In every endeavour we undertake, there is a high degree of safety and due diligence at every turn.

BRP Engineering

For more information on our engineering services, call 0410 615 071

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BRP Engineering
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