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BRP Engineering offers trusted stormwater, drainage design, and remedial work for clients across Sydney from our base in Neutral Bay. Explore what we can offer below, and contact our team for a personal consultation on your needs.

Drainage design

What are Stormwater and Drainage?

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BRP Engineering is a professional Structural and Civil Engineering firm and members of the Institution of Engineers Australia. With more than 25 years of experience in the residential, commercial and industrial construction industry, we possess a comprehensive range of skills and utilise the very latest technology.

Our experience ensures we formulate solutions, on the design board and on the worksite, to find the optimum solution for your project, timeline, and budget.

The stormwater drainage system is a network of pipes, pits, and overland drainage swales that are located on private or public property.

A stormwater drainage design: reduces the surface water saturation in the property during rainfall, which may cause damage to structural or civil elements; ensures that excess stormwater is controlled.

What is Remedial Engineering?

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Remedial Engineering is the rectification of a structure, or land that has failed or been damaged, or has caused damage, or poses a risk to people and property.

Remedial Engineering, as applied to investigative and ground engineering usually deals with issues such as slope instability and landslides.

Remedial Engineering Services

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Some examples of the situations where it is very important that our expertise in Investigative and Remedial Engineering is applied include:

  • Damage / cracking to residential and commercial buildings
  • Movements or failure of retaining walls and revetments
  • Excavation failures, cliff instability and rock falls
  • Landslides, slope instability and drainage
  • Subsoil drainage and rising damp

Understanding the Defect

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How Clear Is The Issue?

It is not always clear what constitutes a defect. For example, if the specification is not clear, or if the contract does not set out what testing is necessary or what the consequences will be if a test is failed.

What is the Cause?

It is not always clear what has caused a defect. For example, it may be a combination of design and workmanship deficiencies, or an apparent defect in finishes may actually be caused by a structural problem.

How Extensive is the Problem?

The remedial works necessary to correct the defect may be very extensive, complex, costly, time consuming or out of proportion with the nature of the defect.

Whose Fault is it?

It is not always clear where the fault lies. It may lie with more than one party, such as the contractor, consultant, sub-contractor or supplier.

How Extensive is the Work?

The remedial works necessary to correct the defect may be very extensive, complex, costly, time consuming or out of proportion with the nature of the defect.

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